"Do what you like and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
~ Dr. Suess

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Term 1 Evaluation


At the start of this year, we had the chance to apply for two leadership positions. My first choice was a pukeko post leader, and my second choice was a Liaison leader. I got the position as a pukeko post leader with Sophie.M. I am really enjoying it because I get to decide what can go into the pukeko post, and also I get to write articles myself, which I enjoy. In week 4 of term 2, I am also starting a T.V news show for NPS on Central T.V Sophie.M, Mitchell.H courtney.B and I have the chance to write the news articles and be the presenters. I really love being the Pukeko Post team leader!

What I enjoyed
This term, I enjoyed going to Whenuikite camp. It was so fun because the activities such as the high ropes course and the kayaking was something I hardly ever do, and I really enjoyed them, especially the big swing in the high ropes course, which was scary at the start but super fun afterwards! Apart from camp, I also enjoyed my first term at Tech, where I was in Metal with all my friends! We made small dog tags, then the rest of the term we worked on a project making small tool boxes. I learnt heaps of stuff such as how to use different machines and tools. The third thing I enjoyed was going to Huntly College and learning A Maori Cultural song and poi dance, and also learning to ride the waka and biking around the lake.  

The events I did this term was going on the Whenukite camp, going to the Huntly College leadership day, swimming sports and Hauraki plains swimming sports, and also dressing up in bright colours for the easter day. I am very proud for getting into Hauraki Plains Swimming Sports, even if it was only for one thing.  

New Learning
This term I learnt about the different endangered animals in New Zealand such as the dotterel, I also learnt about the different machines, tools and how to use them in Metal at Tech. In maths, I learnt how to round decimals to the nearest 10th 100th and 1000th.

Funny things
The funniest thing that happened last year was on camp when we were doing the skits. It was the teacher’s skit and Ms Karl, Ms Kennedy, Mrs Hull and Ms Robertson were lip syncing and playing a fake guitar, then all of a sudden, Mr O’Neill came out in a hula skirt and a hula flower necklace! It was hilarious how he was dancing and pretending to sing. Everyone cracked up laughing!

This term I liked being a year 7 because we got to apply for leadership positions, go to tech and get special privileges such as being able to go down to tech with no teachers, and going on the domain at lunchtimes and break times.  
I disliked nothing! I thought this term was really fun every day, trying new things and learning new things. Along with many different experiences!

Sports and activities
I was in the writing club with a man named Peter, who is a published author. I thought It was really cool because it was an opportunity to expand my writing skills further, as I want to be an author when I’m older. I also did try-outs for netball and got into Ngatea 2, and this term (Term 2) We are starting games.

Representing the school in....
I represented the school in Hauraki Plains swimming, where I had to swim 1 length backstroke.

Term 1 Evaluation.

Multiple Intelligences

What have you learnt about how you learn?
I have learnt that I learn best independently, working by myself so I can concentrate easier.

What are your learning smarts and how are you going to use them to aid your learning this Term?
Some of my smarts are people smart, which means I work well with others, nature smart, which is knowing and caring a lot for the environment, and myself smart, which means I can work well by myself. I think that being people smart and myself smart will help me work as a team and independently for things like inquiry and maths. Being nature smart will help me with my inquiry because we are doing it on animal protection, animal reserve parks and zoos.

What is something you need to improve on?
I would like to improve on being more visual/spatial smart and being more musical smart.


In my holidays I went to Rotorua for a night. We went on the Luge and we went to Rainbow springs- on the new ride called the Big Splash. Apart from Rotorua, we went to my grandparents house for a few nights, while we were there, there was a huge fire on the mountains, the fire engines had to come! There is now a huge black spot there. I had a really awesome holiday!

Term 2!

It's the start of a new term! This term I am excited about being a writer/reporter in Central TV! NPS has a 3 min slot 3 times a week, and Sophie, Courtney, Mitchell and I have to come up with stories around the school. I can't wait to get started! I am also excited about the National Young Leaders Day in May in Manakau, Auckland.