"Do what you like and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
~ Dr. Suess

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We have started swimming this week at the Ngatea Pools. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is my swimming times. Yesterday I had my first session because on Monday it was athletics. It was great to dive into the pool again, as I haven't been swimming is ages! We did a few lengths of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and even dolphin dives; then we had free time. It is a great way cool down in the New Zealand summer sun, and a great way to end Primary school...almost! 

HP Athletics

On Monday I had Hauraki Plains Athletics which was held at he Hugh Hayward domain. I competed in the 80m, 200m and 800m.  It was a very hot day, and full of enthusiasm! In the 80m I came 4th in the finals, for 800m I came 6th, and the 200m finals I finished up 3rd :)
I also competed in the relay for Ngatea Primary school 12+ girls, along with Sophie.M, Charlotte and Jesse, we won our relay, and Ngatea also won every other relay!
I am really proud of my efforts, and all the other Ngatea students too!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

NPS Athletics!

On Monday we had our Ngatea School athletics! It was sunny day for it too.We started the day off with high jump, but because it took so long we couldn't finish and had to go to our next event. I cam 4th in  the 80m sprint, and 4th in the finals, 4th in the 800m, 1st in the 200m heat and 4th in the final! So i will be going to Hauraki Plains Athletics for those events!
I was in our Kapui house relay, we came 2nd, in I also was in a mixed group with Sophie.M, Jesse and Sam Harvey against the teachers and parents, where we came 1st!!
It was a good day!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

MADE Awards

Last night was the Made Awards Ceremony, (Movie And Digital Excellence.) Because our group's film  came in the top 7 for our category, we went to the event to see who was the overall winner! There were heaps of people there, and some people had entered from all the way down in Invercargill!! The categories were; Storytelling, Documentary, Commercial, Music Video, Static and Manipulated image. Our film was in the year 7&8 Storytelling category. It was awesome to see snippets of all the other films, and we ended up coming Runners up for our category! We won a $100 gift voucher for Noel Lemmings! It was an awesome night and we are all so proud for coming 2nd!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Today for Impact we filmed our third cooking show- Kiwiana Pavlova! It turned out really well, and tasted delicious too!
We just have to finish editing our Sushi Cooking Show, and then we can put that on our blog!
If you want to check out our first show, have a look on our blog: DD's Blog or our youtube channel: DD's Youtube

Monday, November 4, 2013


My Writing group, the Oreos, are writing a picture book for years 4 up. It's about a girl and boy who go on an adventure through a forest, discover a glitter pool, meet a mermaid and some pirates, and battle a friendly crocodile!
Here's a sneak peak of it, a paragraph that I wrote when they discover the beautiful 'Glitter Pool'

How much could small Bob and Jill hold?
But before the pair could grab it all,
Bob heard a scream, and saw Jill fall.

Into the deep dark pool she fell
So Bob took a breath, and followed as well.
Where was Jill? Bob was afraid,
but soon he found her talking to a mermaid!

She had golden hair and big blue eyes,
A shimmering tail, oh what a surprise!
She greeted Bob with a friendly smile,
and said “Why don’t you stay here for a while?”

We have almost finished it, and we will be able to start the illustrations soon!