"Do what you like and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
~ Dr. Suess

Thursday, June 27, 2013


JRock was on Tuesday! It was a very long and busy day,we arrived in Claudelands event centre at 9:30, and found our dressing room. During the day we got our hair and makeup done, had 3 rehearsals on the stage and had a meeting in the event centre before the actual show started. Everyone got changed into their costumes, we all looked fantastic! Our school was up first, it was so cool seeing the light bulb glowing, and our glowsticks in the dark! I think we all did REALLY well,  and  the audience liked our performance! The others schools were really cool as well, especially the high school's stage challenges! I had such an awesome day and night, and I will definatley be doing the stage challenge at college!

Our Electricity group! I am at the back right!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


The disco last night was so much fun! Dancing to awesome songs, taking random photos and eating lots of chocolate! We played the jandal game and had a dancing competition! I didn't want the disco to end, time flew past really fast! Here are a few pics from the night(:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Preparing for J-Rock!

Our J-Rock performance is next Tuesday! We have been practising hard for the last term or so, and hopefully we do well on the night! Last Friday we had a dress rehearsal, not all of us got into full make-up though. My electricity group wore our silver tinsel wigs and our electricity costumes, but we haven't yet tried our make-up on. We will tomorrow, as we are performing to the school and a few parents! I cannot wait to get our make-up done, because we will have silver faces, sparkly lips and eyeliner! Hopefully the school enjoys our performance, and I am very excited for next Tuesday!

Waka Ama

This is a traditional Waka Ama boat.
Yesterday (Monday the 17/06) we visited Huntly College to participate in a few activities. They included Maori culture- learning a Maori song and some actions, army training- which was different! We had to listen to our instructor's 'commands' and be really disciplined! Mountain biking around the lake and dirt biking through a short track, and the last activity was Waka Ama, where we learnt how to row properly, and we learnt a traditional Maori chant to sing while we were rowing! My favourite activity of the day would have to be either rowing the Waka Ama, or learning the Maori song! I learnt heaps of new things, and I thank Josh and Huntly College for showing us these new skills!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Face of Confusion

This week, our Oreos writing group decided to enter a writing competition. The theme was 'The face of....' It had to be written in 150 words or less, in any way you liked. I decided to write a poem, about the face of confusion. It is 147 words! Here it is below...


My eyes are closed, I’m lying down.

I open them up, and start to frown.

There's no fuchsia flowers, or any busy bees,

There is no green grass, nor any tall trees.

The sky isn’t blue, but a smoky grey,

There's fire in the sky, i’ve lost my way.

Down come the birds in front of my eyes,

  The bees fly away, back to their hives.

My face is damp with salty tears,

but I don’t think anybody cares.

The world surrounding me, starts to crumble,

I spin around, and almost tumble.

Where am I? I ask, and what is happening?

The clouds above me, start descending.

  I close my eyes, will it go away?

but when I open them, it’s still the same day.

Was this a dream? Or perhaps an illusion?

Whatever it is, I have a face of confusion.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Wow! We have been very busy with our IMPACT lately! Last week, Rose Douglas came in to help us make our second pizza. It was DELICIOUS and everyone (including us!) loved it! We will defiantly be using that pizza recipe for our first cooking show- which we will be making soon! We have a blog, to update our progress, check it out here.

We have also managed to create our own youtube channel, so we can post our videos! You can have a look at it here!.
Here are a few pics from when we made the pizza!
Our finished Pizza!
The taste testers!

Chefs at work!