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~ Dr. Suess

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Term 2 Evaluation


This term, along with the other Pukeko Post leader, Sophie.M, and Courtney, Mitchell and lots of other people, I was part of the Central TV Crew. My job was to find stories around Ngatea Primary School, write them into a script, film it and do voice overs for it. Each week, our school has a “NPS news” episode, and our stories go into those episodes. It is great fun, seeing our work on TV every week, and sometimes our face! This job also helps me with improving my writing, because I have learnt a new technique!

What I enjoyed
I really enjoyed Tech this term because I was in cooking class, and I love cooking! Some of the things we made were disgusting, but it was still super fun making it! Other things, such as Fasta Pasta and Fairy Cupcakes were absolutely delicious! All term I had so much fun learning new ways of cooking, tasting and describing my food. I wonder what Tech class I will be in next term?

New experince
A new experience for me this term would be working for TV central. I learnt all about filming and script writing which I never knew about or ever experienced before! I really enjoy it though, not only because it’s something new, but because I love filming and being around the camera. I also love writing so this job has been so cool for me!

Winter sports
I have played Netball for Ngatea 2 this season. My main positions are WA and sometimes GS or GA. It’s really fun playing because I haven’t played netball at all while I’ve been overseas, and it has been fun going to practises and playing on a saturday morning, because I love playing netball!

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