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~ Dr. Suess

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Term 3 Highlights

Term 3 Highlights

This term, I created a speech about why it sucks to have parents as teachers. It is very relevant to me because I do have a mother and father who are teachers, and sometimes I don’t like them being teachers. It took me ages to write it and edit it until I thought it was perfect, and hadn’t missed anything out. I then put it on cue-cards then practised, practised, practised! I presented it to the class, and got voted along with Declan, Maddy and Lucy from my class to get into the next round. Once I presented it again, Mrs Hull choose 2 people from the whole syndicate to go into the Hauraki Plains speech finals. Mitchell Harris and I got into it! On the night, I was very nervous, and when I started speaking, it was like I could only hear myself speaking, and no-one else could. So I spoke louder. I think I did a good job, and people laughed in the funny parts. And guess what? I ended up winning out of the year 7&8 category! I won a $25 gift voucher for Carson’s bookshop. I am so proud of myself!


Winter Sports
This season, I played Netball as a winter sport. I got into Ngatea 2, and throughout the season, our team got to know each other well. The positions I played were goal shoot and wing attack. I enjoyed WA more but I think I was better at GS. I practised and trained really hard to get better at it. Our team ended up winning EVERY game except 3- two against Ngatea 1, and one against Turua 1- the two top teams. So I am very proud of my team’s effort. At prize-giving, I got the most improved award, which I am proud of because it means I really did train hard, and I have got better! Our team got 3rd place in the whole season of Hauraki Plains netball.

TV Central
Sophie and I carried on with TV central this term, as well as the two new journalists, Samantha and Carla. There were many stories to cover, such as badminton, room 12 inquiry, gymsport and room 5 documentary. As we did more, we got much better at writing scripts and filming. At some points it was tough because we had to fit in TV central with all our other school work, and sometimes we left the scripts to the last minute, so we were pushing our schedules! If I didn’t finish work in school, I usually finished it at home. Sophie and I are retiring from TV Central, which is sad because I have really enjoyed it and definitely got much better at it. TV Central has made me want to become a proper journalist when I’m older, so hopefully I will be doing more of journalism. 

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Lyrics/figurative Language task
During term 3, we learnt about figurative language, and recognised it in songs. So we had to get into partners, or by ourselves, and find songs with the different figurative language in it. This included Metaphors, similes, imagery, onomatopoeia, personification, alliteration, idioms and hyperboles. Once we had found all our songs, we made a presentation on Windows movie maker with our songs and what figurative language they had in them. Mrs Hull marked our presentation out of 5. Kennidy and I were the only ones who scored a 5/5! I am very proud of it, and I think we did a great job!

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  1. Wow Sophie - what a successful Term you have had. Some great achievements, including winning the HP speech competition :)