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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Biography on Dylan Andrews

This is my biography on Dylan Andrews, he is my Mother's 2nd cousin's partner (Confusing right?) But he is a professional cage fighter. 

A huge round of applause breaks through the crowd, people are standing up, screaming their heads off for him.
“It’s Dylaaan the Viiiiillain!” The commentator announces. But how did Dylan ‘the Villan’ Andrews get to where he is today? It’s been a rough journey for him, and it hasn’t been easy.

Dylan Andrews, nicknamed ‘The Villain’ was born on the fifteenth of November, 1979. He was a ordinary Lower Hutt boy. He currently lives in the Gold Coast, Australia, with his family.  Dylan played many sports as a kid, such as Rugby, cricket, athletics and squash. His favourite subject in school was PE, and when he was younger, he aspired to be a ninja or a superhero! Dylan Andrews was (and still is,) a very athletic person, so it wasn’t really a surprise that he got into UFC. (Ultimate fighting championship)

But Dylan faced many obstacles throughout his life. He grew up around drugs and alcohol abuse, and education wasn’t a very high priority for him and his family. When he left school, he didn’t have any qualifications, so he had to do labour work. Money was very hard for him.
When he first got into UFC, he had to train hard to get to the top. Again, money was scarce, especially because professional UFC fighters don’t earn as much money as professional rugby or soccer players. This also meant sacrificing time away from his partner, Tracey, and two kids, Tyriece and Nevaeh, to train and compete.

In 2013, Dylan Andrews flew to America to compete in a reality TV show- The Ultimate Fighter.
The Ultimate Fighter is basically like American Idol, or the X Factor. He was chosen, from hundreds, even thousands,of people. Dylan had to compete in many fights, and stand through many eliminations. He luckily made it through to the top 10.
It was tough for Dylan though, because he was forced to have absolutely no contact with his family or friends. He wasn’t allowed to tell them if he got hurt in a fight, or even if he won!
His motivation to win a fight is to think of his family, how he must provide for them, and how he has to make them proud.

Dylan  Andrews has overcome many obstacles throughout his career, but he didn’t let them pull him to the ground. He says that he is competitive by nature, and he would never, ever quit or give up. He has made New Zealand proud.

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