"Do what you like and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
~ Dr. Suess

Monday, May 6, 2013


In the holidays.... No, that sounds too boring, and my holiday was defiantly not boring! It all started when my aunty Jan told us that she had booked tickets to go to "A night a rainbows end" where we could go on all the rides, and see Dane Rumble live in a concert! I was so pumped up to go, even though I had no idea who Dane Rumble was, I was still mega excited!
I raced into Rainbows end, roaring to go on all the rides! We first went on the invader, which looked scary, but it was so fun! We then went on the rollercoaster, up, down, loop-te-loop! Afterwards, we went on the bumper cars. We stopped for a quick dinner, then continued onto my favourite ride- the Pirate ship! I got major butterfies sitting at the back seat, zooming up, and speeding down! I went on the pirate ship 4 times! Soon it was time for Dane Rumble's concert. He was amazing! We got to stand right up the front by the stage, and watch him sing! The music was so loud, but we jumped up and down to the beat, pumping our arms into the air, and singing out loud!
Once the concert was over, we actually met him! Then we went on a few more rides- The log flume, which was a little scary in the dark, and the pirate ship (again!) Our last ride of the night was the invader again. We were lining up, waiting for our turn, when about 6 boys in front of us starting having a 'singing battle.' They were really good singers! My sister and I then noticed that the 6 boys in front of us were the biggest boy band in New Zealand - TITANIUM! We actually got to ride of the invader with them, then afterwards, we asked for a picture with them! (The pic is down below) It was SUCH an amazing night!


  1. Wow Sophie. That sounds like you had an awesome time at Rainbow's End. How cool to go at night time.

  2. Lucky you! I saw Titanium as well but at the Base in Hamilton!