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Monday, September 23, 2013


This term we focused on Lino Prints. Here is my self assessment, and also a photo of my finished product!

Printing Self Assessment

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Investigate and discuss printmaking processes.

To research artists and complete an artist study to enhance understanding of printmaking.  (Art Analysis)

Use line to create shapes and convey tone on their images.

Use tone to show light in portrait drawings and polystyrene prints and lino prints.

Use the printing process to produce a clear print.

To learn how to use printing tools.

Understand the importance of line, contours and texture to create a successful print.

Summary of my Lino Print
Making the Lino Print was harder than I expected it to be! I learnt how to use the Lino Cutters properly, (All though I did cut myself once, the very first time...!) I learnt how to properly cut the lino, using different strokes to give shape. While cutting my portrait out, I made sure that I left places un-cut around my face, to show positive and negative areas. If I were to do another Lino Print again,I would cut my hair out better, using a smaller blade, and add more finer strokes to better show which way my hair goes.  I would also try and leave the frame of my print clean, because it has ink all over it.

My Print

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